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How do you create a moodboard for the children's room?

How do you create a moodboard for the children's room?

Setting up a baby room or a child's room! There is truly nothing more enjoyable than that! Creating a cozy nest for your little miracle. I could think about it throughout the entire pregnancy, and I couldn't start early enough! It was a kind of mental preparation for what was to come, I think. Because the baby... it doesn't really care and sees very little at the beginning of the beautiful color on the wall, the soft rug, and the arrangement of the changing table ;) But it's just a nice idea to have everything in place. Whether you're preparing months in advance or doing everything in the last month of pregnancy, do it your way! But here's a tip that can bring some peace to your mind when creating a baby room or a child's room... Create a moodboard!

How do you do that?

Step 1: What atmosphere or theme do you choose?

You can do all sorts of things when decorating a baby room. But it should form a cohesive and harmonious whole. There are various themes to choose from, for example: Ocean room, Jungle room or Forest room. You can also consider a particular style, such as Japandi, neutral earth tones, or a more elegant look.

Step 2: Choose the colors!

You don't want the room to be too busy, but also not boring. Of course, you opt for multiple colors, as you never do everything in just one color. Choose a maximum of 5 colors that you like, but it can also be fewer. Ensure that the colors match and complement each other to some extent. Also, make sure that the accessories, etc., you choose all fall within your color palette.

Step 3: Choose a paper moodboard or a digital moodboard

It can be either one! Perhaps you enjoy cutting out things from magazines and mom magazines. Or it's easy for you on your mobile or laptop from the couch. You can use tools like Canva, Pinterest, or PowerPoint. Or you can download a special app for creating collages. Nowadays, it's made very easy for you.

Step 4: Cut and paste

Go for it! Anyone can do this! Not just the interior stylists ;) Anything goes, and everything is allowed, as long as you find it beautiful. Choose the color for the wall: wallpaper or paint? Then, go for the largest furniture pieces, ensuring that they form a cohesive and matching ensemble. And then, perhaps the most enjoyable part: pick the accessories! That cute plush toy for above the changing table, the adorable painting with an animal print, the changing pad with a matching cover. Another tip: Ensure that the changing pad cover matches the bedding!

Step 5: Do everything match? Are you satisfied?

Review your moodboard from a distance. How does it look? Are you satisfied with the colors and accessories? Is anything missing?

Ready? Time to shop!

Then, buy everything you had in mind and enjoy setting it all up!

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Below are examples of moodboards created by Lisanne Hegeman and Tanya from @kinderkamerstyling.

 Wandlamp gitaar

Wandlamp zeepaard

Wandlamp bloem

Tafel en kinderstoeltjes set Wandlamp dino

Wandlamp maan


Wandlamp voetbal

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