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Choosing the right color for your nursery or baby's room.

Choosing the right color for your nursery or baby's room.

It can be quite challenging to choose the right color for the nursery or baby's room. To assist you in making the right choices, we're here to lend a helping hand.

Naturally, you want the nursery or children's room to be a place where your child can relax, without overwhelming stimuli, while maintaining unity and balance in the interior. It's important for the various accessories, furniture, and wall colors to complement each other. When styling a children's room, it's helpful to start by selecting a base color for the accessories, furniture, or walls.

We've curated the most beautiful colors for you. These are the colors we also use for our products. To inspire you, here they are listed for you:

1. Our popular number 1 color is... SPICED HONEY!! It was the color of the year in 2019, and what a beautiful color it is. Perfectly calming and stunning when paired with wood tones and white. This color works well for both accessories and wall color. Look at how nicely Estrella combined this color in the toddler's room. Creating a painted section in this color is also quite playful and fun. Our wooden balloon lamp contrasts beautifully with this shade. We also offer several lamps in this lovely color.

Spiced honey producten

Wandlamp ballon mulitplex

2. A color that's also incredibly popular these days is brick red. The name says it all: as red as a brick ;) This shade is very trendy and creates a warm atmosphere in the nursery or baby's room. It's frequently used, especially when combined with moon shapes or rattan accessories.

Baksteen rode maan lamp

3.  To add an extra elegant touch to the room, we also offer golden lamps! How beautiful is that? The paint has a subtle texture, which adds to its beauty. And it shines just enough. It's absolutely perfect.

Gouden maan wandlamp

4. The color 'leaf' from vtwonen is a real eye-catcher. It's especially fantastic for accessories like a wall lamp, providing a calm, natural, and playful effect. Green is a beautiful, suitable, and cool color for a nursery or baby's room, and it blends wonderfully. For instance, our monstera leaf is this shade of green.

Kleur: 'leaf'

Monstera blad leaf green

5. We also have Terra pink in our collection. Because this color is also becoming more and more popular in children's rooms. It's perfect for a girl's room. The ideal shade of pink—not overly sweet and cute, but with a touch of boldness and elegance.

Wandlamp paard Terra pink

6. White always works! That's incredibly convenient! That's why we've created several products in white. It contrasts beautifully against any colored wall and creates a serene atmosphere. (The color is coded as RAL 9010 and is a standard white shade.)

Witte producten

Wit konijnlampje

 7. Matte black is all the rage these days. It's edgy, industrial, and robust, making it perfect for cool boys' and girls' rooms. How about our cool vehicle lamps, for example, in black? They fit the bill perfectly.

Racewagen zwart

Our goal is to make children and parents happy with our handmade wooden products. The children, because our products, without a doubt, form part of their world. And the parents, because our products also fit really nicely into their interiors.