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BIG, BIGGER, BIGGEST... Which size bookshelf should I take?

BIG, BIGGER, BIGGEST... Which size bookshelf should I take?

We have bookshelves with 1 shelf, with 2... with 3... with 4... with 5... and now even with 6!!

Not normal, right? We keep making bigger and bigger bookshelves. But well, it has to stop sometime. The one with 6 already reaches the ceiling haha.

Which size bookshelf should you choose? Here are a few tips:

1: Hundred thousand books ;)

Check how many books you want to put on it. Of course, you can also rotate some, but the most beautiful thing is that not a whole bunch of books are left in the cupboard. Because books should be seen!

2: Lots of A4 size books?

Then choose at least a bookshelf with 5 shelves. Because they fit well between them. With the others, they mainly fit on top of the highest shelf.

3: Grabbing by yourself

Do you like it when your child can reach everywhere and always pick up books by themselves? Then choose a smaller bookshelf with, for example, 3 shelves and hang it low. Then it's really at child height.

4: How big is the room?

That's also an important question. Because if the room is already very full, it's better to go for a smaller bookshelf. Otherwise, it will be very full. But the nice thing is that the bookshelf hangs against the wall. Which already takes up less space than, for example, a bookcase.

Below you see all the sizes!

Our goal is to make children and parents happy with our handmade wooden products. The children, because our products, without a doubt, form part of their world. And the parents, because our products also fit really nicely into their interiors.