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Japandi inspiration

The Japandi style is all the rage and impossible to ignore! Japandi? What's that? Well, it's a fusion of two styles, namely, the Scandinavian interior style and the Japanese interior style. You can increasingly see this style appearing in children's rooms. The style is characterized by neutral tones, hygge, which stands for Scandinavian coziness, clean lines, and simplicity from the Japanese style. It's also known for its minimalism. For example, our wall lamps are truly Japandi! They are minimalistic and come in neutral tones. And our bookshelves are a perfect match too!

Wandrek boeken kinderkamer

Wandrek boeken kinderkamer

Wandlamp jeep

Vores mål er at gøre børn og forældre glade med vores håndlavede træprodukter. Børnene, fordi vores produkter uden tvivl er en del af deres verden. Og forældrene, for vores produkter passer også rigtig fint ind i deres interiør.