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Earth tones inspiration

No boring beige or greige rooms here! But earth tones... what are earth tones? Well, they are warm, natural colors inspired by nature. There are many variations to explore, and you can do a lot with them. For instance, at Toddie, you can find a color called "Spiced Honey" on our wall lamps. It's a wonderfully warm shade that instantly creates ambiance. You'll also find beige wall lamps, but not just any beige, it's "urban beige." A bit more rugged and stylish. You can easily add some color to your earth-toned interior, as the great thing is that it goes well with everything! Oh, and let's not forget about wood! The wood color pairs perfectly with earth tones.

Wandlamp ballon spiced honey

Baksteen kleur maan

Wandlamp egelWandlamp monstera

Vores mål er at gøre børn og forældre glade med vores håndlavede træprodukter. Børnene, fordi vores produkter uden tvivl er en del af deres verden. Og forældrene, for vores produkter passer også rigtig fint ind i deres interiør.