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What type of light source do I need for my Toddie wall lamp?

What type of light source do I need for my Toddie wall lamp?

What type of bulb should I use in a wall lamp? What level of brightness is suitable for my child's room? What kind of socket can I use in my child's night light?


Advantages of an LED bulb

First and foremost, we always recommend using an LED bulb. This is the safest option as LED bulbs do not get hot. Additionally, LED bulbs are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. By using them, you can also contribute to protecting the environment.  


What do you want to use the bulb for? How many Lumens should I use for a reading lamp, night light, or room lighting?

That's the very first question you should ask yourself when choosing a light source. What do I want to use my bulb for? Because a bulb can serve various purposes: one might want to read a bedtime story to their child in the evening, another might want better room illumination, and yet another might need the bulb to remain on throughout the night to comfort a child who's afraid of the dark.


For all these purposes, there is a light source with the appropriate brightness. The brightness is indicated in Lumens (you'll find this marked as 'lm' on the packaging). Lumens are the unit of measurement for the amount of light emitted by a bulb. The higher the number of Lumens, the more light the bulb produces.


In the past, brightness was often indicated in Watts, but with the advent of LED bulbs, the number of Lumens (lm) is now more commonly used on bulb packaging. Here's a brief overview of the approximate Lumens needed for various purposes:

  • 50 to 100 lm = For a night light that you want to keep on during the night;
    200 to 300 lm = For a reading lamp, to read a bedtime story before sleeping;
    400 to 500 lm = For general room lighting.

Furthermore, it's natural that the larger the room is, the more Lumens you need to use to illuminate the room.


And then it's also useful to consider the shape of the bulb. Because ideally, you wouldn't want the bulb to be visible. That's why we often opt for a bulb that isn't too tall. Instead, we prefer a bulb like this:

LED lampje toddie

Furthermore, our lamps use the E14 socket.

Our goal is to make children and parents happy with our handmade wooden products. The children, because our products, without a doubt, form part of their world. And the parents, because our products also fit really nicely into their interiors.