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How to keep the children's room tidy and organized?

How to keep the children's room tidy and organized?

It's definitely a universal challenge—keeping the children's room tidy. It's wonderful that kids can spend hours playing with LEGO in their room. But how do you ensure they remain motivated to keep their room neat? Naturally, you want to teach them that making a mess means it's normal to clean it up afterward. However, that's easier said than done. Perhaps we should turn tidying up into a fun game!

How do you keep the room tidy? The answer is simple: ensure you have fun and stylish storage options!

And we've found some for you:

Number 1: the toy/book chest

Want a tidy room? Opt for the toy chest where books can also go! Since the chest is at children's height, they can easily help with tidying up!

2: Bookshelf! This one is mega-popular, and for good reason! How fun is it when you can display all the books? It looks super cute and is also very handy. Your child can put the books in by themselves.

3: Storage chests are absolutely fun! You can not only tidy up but even play 'the floor is lava'! How cool is that? Check out this video to see how it works!

Our goal is to make children and parents happy with our handmade wooden products. The children, because our products, without a doubt, form part of their world. And the parents, because our products also fit really nicely into their interiors.