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5x Montessori in the kids' room!

5x Montessori in the kids' room!

What is Montessori?

"Teach me to do it myself."

That is the core of the Montessori lifestyle. A child develops in their own way. There are different phases, during which a child is sensitive to learning certain things. The art lies in responding to these different phases and providing the appropriate environment and materials that align with the development, so that your child is encouraged to develop themselves.

We understand that a child wants to develop themselves! And we adapt the child's environment with our children's furniture accordingly. Here, we inspire you to design your child's room according to Montessori principles from our collection.

1. Chair at toddler/preschooler height

What could be better and more enjoyable than a chair that fits your toddler perfectly? The chair is so light that your toddler or preschooler can carry it themselves to the spot where they want to sit!

Stoeltje peuter hout

2. Wooden play furniture

Or a wooden play furniture on which the most educational toys and the most challenging materials are placed, tailored to your development? Our play furniture is made at just the right height, and with various shelves, you can place different materials at different levels. This encourages your child to pick up something to play with on their own.

Speelmeubel Montessori kinderkamer houten wandkast

3. Bookshelf or book chest

Pick a book by yourself! That's the best, of course! Because when your child picks a book themselves, they are often more motivated to listen when you read aloud! Because it's a book that appeals to them personally.

Or a chest from which you can choose the most beautiful book yourself!

Boekenkist, opbergbak kinderkamer montessori

Boekenrek kinderkamer 4 planken

4. baby gyms

Baby gyms stimulate your child's senses and thus promote movement and hand-eye coordination!

Babygym multiplex met jungle hangers

5. Wooden climbing frame

Do you want to support your child's motor skills? Then place a climbing triangle with a slide in the nursery! This encourages active play and helps develop physical strength and coordination.

Our goal is to make children and parents happy with our handmade wooden products. The children, because our products, without a doubt, form part of their world. And the parents, because our products also fit really nicely into their interiors.