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NEW! Why opt for a Montessori wall cabinet?

NEW! Why opt for a Montessori wall cabinet?

We designed and produced the Montessori wall cabinet! We also call it a bookshelf. Because you know what? It's multifunctional! You decide what to put in it. We intentionally omitted the rods that we have in our special bookshelves. And for this reason... you can also place lovely decorations in it! And... you can put the most fun and challenging toys for your child in it.

What mom wants and what the child wants

These desires can sometimes clash. Mom wants a beautiful children's room with neutral tones, but children sometimes just want brightly colored Pokémon items, haha. Who doesn't know that feeling? And that's why this wall cabinet is so great. If you choose the largest wall cabinet, the upper shelves can be for nice decorations, for example, and the lower shelves, you let your child arrange them as they like. Add some challenging books, and you have a wonderful addition to the children's room!

And let's be honest... what is more beautiful than pure, natural, untreated wood in the children's room?

You can also simply place the wall cabinet with 2 shelves against the wall. So, many possibilities!

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