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New trend: DIY with Toddie wall lamps!

New trend: DIY with Toddie wall lamps!

Got some paint left over from painting the wall? Voilà! Apply it to that cute lamp! And you can be sure the lamp will match the room!

It's really a new trend, you can find them everywhere: the DIY videos! My kids are truly fascinated by them. How one thing leads to another when you start working on it yourself!

Karlijn from @het.kleine.droomhuis is very creative and was nominated for VT wonen's new talent award. She transformed our blank heart-shaped lamp into a beautiful piece with texture and a fresh coat of paint!

Here's how she did it:

  1. Use a blank heart-shaped Toddie lamp, detached from the bracket.
  2. Create droplets of wood filler on the heart shape.
  3. Spread the droplets with your fingers.
  4. Add texture with a sculpting tool.
  5. Once it has dried, apply the desired color with a brush.
  6. Attach the lamp's bracket to the wall and hang the figure on it.

And VOILÀ! What a beautiful result! All our blank wooden figures are suitable for painting! Of course, share your results on social media and tag us at!

Wooden wall lamp children’s room | Heart - natural

Wooden wall lamp children’s room | Heart - natural

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